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For managers: Methods and tools for a sustainable and efficient IT


Use insights from M&A for your company

Within two days, the REDFLAG ANALYSIS™ method provides very clear insight concerning the strengths and weaknesses of your IT.

The assessment adds an external business management perspective to the expertise of your CIO.

The clear and understandable reports allow you to align the IT with your corporate strategy with pinpoint precision.

Support your CIO – and create a win-win situation both for him and your organization!

  • list Do you know the full extent of the operational and monetary risks?
  • list Is the investment portfolio aligned with the strategy?
  • list Is there potential for business process efficiency by using the current IT in a more effective way?

The methods and tools developed for M&A can now be made available to you. This all-encompassing package boosts your management impact and provides an overview at all times.

Learn more about the REDFLAG ANALYSIS™.

PROCOMM also provides methods and tools to develop business-process efficiency in a straightforward and precise way.

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Help your IT organization on its journey from internal service provider to business enabler. Strengthening your IT equals strengthening your company.

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