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Successful acquisitions – business development with pinpoint precision


For systematic value creation through smart IT usage

Acquisitions offer significant opportunities for growth, synergy and enhanced profile.

But also risk!

We are used to dealing with risk. But what about hidden risk?

IT is the leading source of unpredictable cost.

Use REDFLAG ANALYSIS™ for IT Due Diligence to minimize cost in your M&A transactions.

The RED FLAG report highlights strengths and weaknesses in a clear and understandable way.

It is swift and based on longterm practical experience.


The REDFLAG ANALYSIS™ method for IT Due Diligence was developed from the experience of countless implementation projects. It is precisely aligned with the needs of the investor:

  • list Swift IT screening creating meaningful reports: An unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • list Risks, risk classification and identification of areas for improvement including recommendations
  • list State of the Art IT Due Diligence
  • list Extendable to individual focus areas

Read more about howit works here:


If a post merger integration is planned, specific tools are used already during Due Diligence to systematically approach the most important questions:

  • list Which processes are assigned to which organizational units?
  • list Which systems are in place/licensed, and where?
  • list Where will system integrations result in new interfaces or savings potentials?
  • list Which risks and costs come along with the integration project?
  • list Which intra-process dependencies could slow down the integration?


The EBIT and value of a portfolio company relate directly to the productivity within the company.

Precisely optimized information technology is the key for the sustainable improvement of process efficiency.

PROCOMM offers methods, tools and consulting services aligned exactly to these needs. The DIGITAL BUSINESS-DEVELOPMENT approach consists of three steps:


The purpose of the Analysis is the exact identification of areas for improvement including their respective potentials. It consists of the following aspects:

  • list To what degree are resources utilized in each organizational unit?
  • list How efficient is each process?
  • list Are investments in IT aligned with the strategic importance?
  • list Which of the processes are fully automated?

Example chart: Utilization of capacities per organizational unit
>Example chart: Utilization of capacities per organizational unit


Based on the results of the analysis, business processes are optimized, in most cases through automation or integration. The now known and unused capacities are disestablished, and areas of growth potentials are strengthened. The EBIT is increased directly through improvements in process efficiency.

To achieve the improvements, a wide variety of tools and methods are available. The most suitable ones are selected according to the analysis' results. A few examples:

  • list System integration where multiple manual data entry occurs
  • list Automation of repetitive operations using appropriate standard software packages where available, or tailor-made solutions for company-specific tasks of strategic importance
  • list IT costs are broken down per organizational unit so that IT investments can be aligned with the corporate strategy


Improvement of business processes is an ongoing course under the control of the management. PROCOMM therefore provides the suitable monitoring tools:

  • list Utilization of resources: Where are unused capacities?
  • list Processing time: Where are potentials for efficiency improvements?
  • list Trend analysis: Is business development on track?


The DIGITAL BUSINESS-DEVELOPMENT provides transparency and insight to the management for continuous improvement. The management guides the company to a higher value with confidence and pinpoint precision.

As IT general contractor, PROCOMM has experience from countless implementation projects and provides the entire portfolio of options – according to individual needs:

  • list Independent evaluation and implementation of standard software packages and tailor-made solutions (e.g. ERP, CRM, PPS)
  • list Highly skilled and experienced project managers involve your internal resources to the highest possible level to ensure sustainability, maintainability and independence
  • list End-to-end partner for any questions related to IT: From screening to IT Due Diligence all the way to the implementation of corporate ERP systems


PROCOMM not only provides a profound economic analysis, but also operable solutions – including the implementation in collaboration with your existing IT department.

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