60’000 business rules and 50 milliseconds


The customer is a European industrial group. The customer products are measured and manufactured for each specific order: Each order is unique in its dimensions and settings. A product for a single order is made up of thousands of mathematical rules that determine whether a configuration is valid and if so, how it needs to be priced, how it needs to be costed and how it needs to be manufactured. Historically, the customer has grown from many European SME’s and has a long tradition of many competing product configurator systems, built and maintained by different teams in different countries. Since cross-border intercompany trades are common, many products had to be maintained in parallel in different countries and systems, yielding quality issues due to implementation discrepancies.

PROCOMM consulted the customer on this challenge and implemented a solution to consolidate the different configurator solutions to a single source of truth integrated into sales, production and finance processes.

single source of truth
for product-centric knowledge
60’000 business rules
covering sales and production
5 countries
investment protection
due to ERP-independence


Within an Analysis Phase, PROCOMM analysed the situation at the different sites in Europe. In the following Design Phase, PROCOMM collaborated closely with teams from sales, production and finance in different sites to come up with a configurator solution that aligns to the group-strategy and is ready for international use. Existing standard-software solutions (Microsoft, SAP, others) were considered and even piloted but could not cope with the requirements. A custom-development strategy was chosen based on the business and IT requirements – especially due to high performance needs in sales and production departments.

A pilot project was conducted to eliminate both technical and organisational risks. PROCOMM then led the development of the new configurator solution and helped the customer to setup an internal team of engineers to create and maintain the 60’000 business rules for 83 configurable product lines. The new configurator solution is now capable to interactively calculate orders in less than 50 milliseconds.


The customer now employs a team of product experts to maintain 60’000 business rules in a standardized manner for 83 product lines across the sites. Changes to products from sales, production and finance perspective can now be done quickly in a harmonized way regardless of country or site.

The customer is capable to roll out updated business rules within a few hours across the sites in Europe. Furthermore, the customer is in a position to leverage these business rules within new digital products toward customers and vendors, such as offering convenient pricing tools to their network of specialized dealers.

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Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland



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