Introducing Enterprise-Architecture at global scale

The Story

The customer is a leading service provider with offices in USA, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Latin America, Ireland and throughout Europe. After a phase of strong growth the customer employed a decentralized organisation around the globe and similarly was the IT landscape: a broad set of decentralized apps in every business unit around the globe. PROCOMM consulted the customer on setting up the overarching Enterprise Architecture function that oversees all systems. PROCOMM supported the staffing of this function and provided coaching.

24 months
project duration
4 people
interdisciplinary team
legacy apps identified
standardizated communication
between apps

The Solution

The solution was exercised along the following path:
• History: Know how we got there.
• Current: Know what we have at hand.
• Future: Improve.
The first point was resolved with dedicated workshops with all major engineers. The second point was resolved with a project to gather a complete overview of all systems and ownership. The third point was resolved by introducing an Architecture Board that took responsibility for concrete initiatives, such as Integration Architecture.

The Results

600+ applications have been identified, categorized and valuated. Furthermore, ownership and responsibilities have been clarified within the organization. The sustained overview proved to be highly useful for both management and development teams to apply cost-savings and to apply focused technology investments.

Delivered Services



Enterprise Architecture


Information Technology, Services


Argentina, Czech Republic, USA



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