Uncovering corporate data and functionality in a distributed organisation

The Story

The customer is a leading service provider with offices in the USA, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Latin America, Ireland and throughout Europe. After a phase of strong growth the customer employed a decentralised organisation around the globe and similarly was the IT landscape: a broad set of decentralised apps in every business unit around the globe. Therefore the importance of properly connecting different distributed apps became a strategic priority – to leverage the data and functionality within the organisation. PROCOMM consulted the technology teams on designing a tailor-made approach. Once conceptually approved, PROCOMM supported the organisation to put this concept into reality during 12 months.

12 months
project duration
5 people
interdisciplinary team
business domains
mission critical apps

The Solution

The solution consists on an organisational and a technological aspect.
Organizationally, a new team was setup to strengthen the know-how in terms of Integration and Enterprise Architecture. The team was staffed with newly hired people having integration know-how and existing people that knew the legacy systems. The team would evangelize and support other teams throughout the organisation in adapting to the new concept of Integration.
Technically, the concept was implemented by applying a mix of state-of-the-art technology and additional custom components. The evaluation and prototyping of the technology took place across several different countries to maximize buy-in within the organization. One of the key characteristics of the choice was to stay open for technological evolution i.e. design the solution in a way that would play well with future technological advancements and therefore protect the investment.
Initially most capacity had to be dedicated to evangelize within the organization. Gradually the teams started to pick up the new approach themselves which allowed moving capacity from envangelization to assistance and support.

The Result

Within 12 months, the new concept was successfully applied to 5 different business domains and 21 mission-critical applications. This new practice led to more scalable, resilient and performant integration solutions which was also verified with benchmark cases.

Delivered Services



Enterprise Architecture


Information Technology, Services


Argentina, Czech Republic, USA



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